Andrew Wiggins Apparently Wants Smoke With Certified NBA Goon Stephen Jackson

BIG3 - Week Nine

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Of all the people in the NBA past or present to NOT offer to shoot the fade with, Stephen Jackson might be near or at the top of that list. Well, the memo didn’t get to Andrew Wiggins or his little brother as the latter took a jab at Wiggins’ Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Jimmy Butler that Jackson responded thus sparking a rather interesting beef.

Let’s take it from the top.

Butler, who was acquired in a trade from the Chicago Bulls, wants out of Minnesota fast which prompted Nick Wiggins to write “Hallelujah” in a now-deleted tweet. Jimmy Butler then posted an Instagram video with the same words from Wiggins then, in a veiled jab to the Wiggins brothers, to “keep that same energy.”

Wiggins then went to his Instagram stories to write the following: “SJ/Old dudes stay hating like he was anything special bum ass…I keep that same energy everywhere I go!”

Yeah. It goes there.

Jackson caught wind of Nick Wiggins’ dart and posted an Instagram video, complete with blown smoke and a fresh white durag, confirming that while he’s definitely 40 years of age, he was never a bum and even wished Wiggins a good upcoming season. He initially fired back by reimagining a convo between the Wiggins brothers questioning the active playing brother’s heart as Nick is not in the league.

Here’s where we’ll remind folks that Jackson is very much about that action as evidenced by him jumping into the stands to hand out fades during 2004’s Malice In The Palace incident during a Detroit Pistons game versus the Indiana Pacers.

Like we said, it’s a lot. Check out the tweets and video responses from Andrew Wiggins, Nick Wiggins, Jimmy Butler, and the Triple OG Stephen Jackson below.

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Instagram Photo

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