About Damn Time: PlayStation Announces New Feature Allowing Gamers To Change PSN ID

PlayStation Announces Players Will Be Allowed To Change Their PSN User Names

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Sony is really listening. First, they shocked gamers by announcing cross-play with other systems, and now one of the biggest requests PlayStation owners have been screaming for is finally happening. You will finally be able to change that awful PSN user ID you have been stuck with for years.

It’s about damn, outside of Fortnite players complaining about cross-play, the inability to change your username on PSN was one of Sony’s most significant drawbacks. So you can imagine the excitement when the company made the announcement via its blog.

The full feature won’t be available till 2019 but select users will get to test the new feature starting this year. You will be allowed to change your PSN ID one time for free, and if you want to again it will cost $9.99 / CAD and if you are PlayStation Plus (as you should be at this point) $4.99/ CAD. Also if you are worried about your friends not recognizing your new handle, there is an option to feature your old PSN ID next to your new one.

According to PlayStation, the new feature will be compatible with games published after April 1, 2018, and should work with most popular games made after that date. Sony does warn that you may experience some issues with games and applications for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita causing you to encounter some problems and errors with specific titles. Reverting back to your old PSN ID will solve all of those issues caused by changing your ID according to Sony.

PlayStation will share a complete list of all compatible games when the feature officially launches on its website.  There is no exact date announced, but PS4 owners can look forward to it dropping early in 2019. PlayStation is truly living up to its motto as being the “best place to play.”

Photo: picture alliance / Getty


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