2018 Is Weird: Taylor Swift Is Woke & Kanye Is Team MAGA: Twitter Is Confused

Taylor Swift Will Vote For Tennessee Democrats

Source: Kevin Winter/MTV1415 / Getty

Thanks to Donald Trump the United States of America is now the upside down. We lost Kanye West, but it looks like Democrats have gained an ally in white America’s darling Taylor Swift.

Look what they made her do.

Usually very apolitical, the mega pop star has thrown her name in the hat in the political circus and announced in a passionate Instagram post that she is voting for Tennessee Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections and spoke out against systemic racism. The announcement of who she is going to cast her vote for follows the abysmal decision to appoint lying, beer-loving Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Right on cue, the white conservative tears began to flow, and the backlash ensued as they saw Swift whom they considered their white privilege queen, side with the “enemy.”  Now we won’t be inviting Taylor to BBQ yet, but she is definitely taking a step in the right direction. Will her Swifter’s follow her lead to voting booths across the country? That is the million dollar question.

This is definitely the first Taylor Swift song we liked ever. To see the reaction to Swift’s decision both negative and positive hit the gallery below.

Photo: Kevin Winter/MTV1415 / Getty

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