WYD?: Tyson Beckford’s Failed Attempt At Shaming Kim Kardashian Earned Him A Twitter Gathering

Twitter Calls Out Tyson Beckford For Slut-Shaming Kim Kardashian

Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

The unlikely feud between supermodel Tyson Beckford and Kim Kardashian seems to have picked up again after Beckford took things a bit too far.

The social media beef all began when Beckford was accused of body shaming by Kardashian resulting in her snapping at him with a response that some took as her hinting at him being gay. Kanye West got involved telling Beckford to keep his wife’s name out his mouth and from there everything simmered down. That was until Tyson got a bit ahead of himself and shared a lewd post of Kim.

The post, now gone was a photo Kim shared of herself wearing only a Chanel top sticking out her tongue. Beckford took it upon himself to add the add an eggplant emoji with a black man in a purple suit proudly owning the vegetable right next to her mouth.

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While he may have thought it was funny, Twitter wasn’t feeling Beckford’s shaming of Kim at all. The post, in fact, riled up those who wouldn’t normally defend the Kim K to in fact stick up for her in this case. Beckford may have bitten off more than he can chew here and should have kept the eggplant in his pants. Hit the gallery below to see Twitter “sis” the model excessively for his failed attempt at shade.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty


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