Wu-Tang to Release New Documentary ‘For the Children’

Words by Rashad Grove

In 1998, when Ol’ Dirty Bastard interrupted the Grammy awards, he famously said, “Wu-Tang is for the children.” On that night, Robert Griggs was a prophet.

The iconic rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan is set to release a new documentary celebrating 25 years since the arrival of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) this week. The doc is entitled For The Children, a short film, directed by Shomi Patwary, will be released on November 9, on the album’s anniversary. The trailer, features appearances from A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, and Joey Bada$$, all who have been influenced by the Wu-Tang.

The documentary will center on Wu-Tang’s legendary debut album which is, arguably, of the greatest albums in the history of hip-hop. Not only will the Shaolin crew drop a documentary, but they have busy producing projects across a variety of platforms.

They recently released a makeup line. Last month, Hulu confirmed it will broadcast a scripted origin story called Wu-Tang: An American Saga, featuring all surviving members. The RZA is also in the process of producing a biopic based on the life of Wu-Tang Clan’s late member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, in conjunction with Sony studios.

25 years ago, Enter the Wu-Tang not only launched one of the greatest groups in hip-hop history but the cultural phenomenon that is still alive and doing well.

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