Whoopi Goldberg Talks Sneakers, Kanye & Jordan with Complex While Sneaker Shopping

Source: Whoopi Goldberg Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles reunite after 30 years to perform at the Apollo Theatre Featuring: Whoopi Goldberg Where: New York City, NY, United States When: 19 Dec 2008 Credit: WENN Uploaded By Godspeed

Who says sneaker collecting is a young man’s game? Tell that to the likes of Chi McBride, Fat Joe, and Whoopi Goldberg. That’s right, the Oscar-winning actress loves her some exclusive footwear and explains to Joe La Puma just how far back her love for kicks goes.

“Sneakers for me have always been a part of my life. Whether it was with my brother who always wore the Chucks and always wanting to wear them and them not having them for girls. And now seeing this amazing explosion of [women’s] sneakers and they’re being accepted as footwear for any time.”


She’d need a gang of footwear to ensure she puts all kinds of hot foots in asses while on The View so we’re not surprised by her taste in sneakers either.

Check out Whoopi Goldberg talk about the time she met Michael Jordan and how she’s able to separate Kanye West’s personal views from his adidas line (she’s a better person than us) before dropping $1289 on some Kith “Coca-Cola” Converse kicks, adidas Nemeziz Tango joints, and a few Nike pickups.

Photo: WENN

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