What’s Tea? Wendy Williams To Address Show Delays Upon Return [Video]

Wendy Williams

Source: photo: WENN

Wendy Williams has some explaining to do. The gossip wag has been missing in action and the streets want to know what’s really good.

According to Page Six the New Jersey native is going to set the record straight when she returns back to her popular morning show. In late 2018 Wendy seemed noticeably off her game with a slurred speech not moving from her seat. Naturally the public noticed which caused her to address the concern.

She attributed her lack of energy to the medication she is taking for her shoulder that she fractured earlier in the year. She took to her Instagram to let us know she would need to some time to fully recover in order to deliver the kind of programming her fans are accustomed to. New episodes of The Wendy Williams Show were originally set to air on January 7 but got pushed back to January 21.

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But in that time rumors have started circulating that the medical leave was just a diversion to hide her marital problems at home. The streets are saying that her husband Kevin has allegedly gotten his mistress, who apparently lives down the road from the couple’s mansion, pregnant. This tea is so hot that it has prompted bloggers to do some heavy investigative work which lead to the discovery of several receipts including separate properties Kev owns where the side chick is also listed on the paperwork. Yikes.

Let’s hope Wendy can get it together.

Photo: WENN.com

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