Wanda Smith’s Husband Pulls Gun On Katt Williams

Famed comedian Katt Williams made an unforgettable appearance on the “Frank & Wanda In The Morning” on V103 in ATL when he apparently took a few jokes too far with the show’s female host and needless to say it caused a lot of drama.

Several reports have alleged that Wanda Smith’s husband pulled up on the controversial comic and pulled out a gun on him.

While discussing Katt cooking for his 7 children, Katt and Wanda started throwing jabs at each other, which resulted in Katt roasting Wanda live on air. Wanda fired shots at Katt over his hair and arrest record and that’s when the gloves came off. Katt started going in about her weight, her looks, her wig and her cooking skills.

Wanda and Williams crossed paths again the next night at the Atlanta Comedy Theater, where a verbal altercation began. Wanda’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, allegedly pulled out a gun on Katt Williams. The comedian told Gwinnett County police Wanda’s husband pointed a gun at him outside of the comedy club.

Sellers told Gwinnett Police that the gun actually “fell out” while he chased Williams into a nearby supermarket.

See the police report below.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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