Vinpok’s Plux All-In-One iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods Charger: “This Is An Apple User’s Dream Come True”

Always running out of juice? Need some serious battery life at the worst times? Want to eliminate the stress of heading out without your gadgets fully charged up?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy Vinkpok’s Plux All-In-One charging dock! [Peep each reason and enter to win tickets to see R&B stars Tyrese and Tamia perform in Brooklyn, New York!]

1. Apple Heads Unite

The first reason you should buy Vinpok’s Plux all-in-one charging dock is because this is an Apple user’s dream come true. Even if you do not own every single Apple gadget out there, you more than likely have one of the newer iPhone phones and more than likely either an Apple Watch or pair of AirPods. Only have one or two of those three? Trust us, your friends and family will definitely have all three! There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head out and not having your go-to gadgets charged up. Whether it’s your iPhone X, Apple iWatch or those handy Bluetooth AirPods – all three are vital to being fully prepped when you step out – sometimes even when you’re just stationary at home. The Plux charging station has you fully covered – able to charge all three simultaneously. The days of having to unplug one gadget, plug in the correct USB cord and then resume charging your other device are long gone. It’s 2018 and it’s all about being fully charged up – the Plux has you covered! [WANT YOURS RIGHT NOW? BUY IT HERE!]

2. Perfect Desk Item

The second reason you should buy Vinpok’s Plux charging unit is because it takes up minimal space on your desk. The way technology is continuing to grow and really challenge old metrics and styles is quite amazing. The gadget itself is only a few inches wide and can charge up all three of your gadgets at the same time. Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or have endless school goals burying you daily, there’s no doubt you’re going to spend ample time at your desk – whether it’s at work and school or at your crib. There’s nothing more important or worthy of being placed on your desk than this Plux device unit. Even more important than keeping your pens and pencils close by, the ability to set your phone upright to charge and still use it is a game-changer. Even as Apple releases longer laster batteries for its devices, we all know it only takes a few apps, social media posts and phone calls to drain your phone and watch. Plop down at your desk and let Plux do all the hard work – keeping all three of your devices inches away from you. [WANT YOURS RIGHT NOW? BUY IT HERE!]

3. Perfect Holiday Present

The third reason you should buy the Vinpok Plux charging unit is because it’s a perfect holiday gift! Keeping it fully 100 – you know you’re going to have to cave in and get an office party, family gift or bae that go-to present this holiday season. With September only here for another 72 hours, it’ll be full-blown shopping season and crowded parking lots for weeks and weeks to come. Treat yourself to some mental relief and grab the lightweight and perfect unit for anyone with an iPhone X and Apple Watch for … drum roll please … $49. For less than the price of a mediocre dinner (including tip) you can grab a stash for the entire crew. Everyone down with Team Apple has relied on the corny in-box USB plug and the price it would cost for each of these items’ chargers is still more expensive combined than the Plux unit. Get your holiday shopping done early! [WANT YOURS RIGHT NOW? BUY IT HERE!]

4. FaceTime Goals

The fourth reason you should grab you own Vinpok Plux charger is because of the ease it makes for watching videos on your iPhone. This charging station becomes an instant kickstand for giving you the perfect angle to watch anything and – most notably – FaceTime with the squad. Whether it’s checking in on the family or clocking in those relationship goals with bae, this gadget has you covered. [WANT YOURS RIGHT NOW? BUY IT HERE!]

5. Wireless

The fifth reason you should buy the Vinpok Plux charger is because it’s wireless. Yes – even in 2018 there are people still going the wired route. Of course there’s nothing wrong with it but the reliance of having to plug in your gadgets can become super tiring. It’s all about ease and comfort – this Plux device gives you that comfort right away. One of the best parts about the wireless feature is not having to worry about your iPhone case preventing your phone from charging. This is as wireless as it gets – just plop it down on your unit and let the charging begin. Level up heading into 2019 with one of the best Apple-oriented charges available! [WANT YOURS RIGHT NOW? BUY IT HERE!]

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