Twitter Reacts To ‘Mario Kart’ & Toad Trending For All The Wrong Reasons #MarioKart

Twitter Reacts To Mario Kart & Toad Trending For All The Wrong Reasons

Source: Keith Tsuji / Getty

Yup, it is confirmed anything associated with the orange menace, Donald J.Trump does indeed either die or is ruined. Today (Sept. 18), Twitter users learned not even their favorite Nintendo game is safe from the slimy tentacles of our “President.”

Folks hopped on Twitter today and saw the fan-favorite Nintendo racing game Mario Kart and the popular character Toad trending thinking they were getting a new game. Their excitement quickly turned to disgust when they learned that adult actress and one of Trump’s mistresses Stormy Daniels used the game and the character to describe his man parts.

The Twitter account for Nintendo Life didn’t quite pick up on the moment and tweeted prematurely that the game and character were both trending on the social media platform. They have since issued an apology blaming a social media intern joking “he will be collecting covfefe for the rest of the week!”

While the cat is now out of the bag and we will never be able to look at Toad the same ever again, the reactions to users searching Mario Kart is absolutely hilarious. We may not be getting a new game in the famed racing video game franchise, but we definitely got a classic Twitter moment.

Hit the gallery below to see the most hilarious and accurate reactions to Stormy Daniels’ description of Trump’s manhood.

Photo: Keith Tsuji / Getty

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