Twitter Destroys Sly Fox News Station’s Attempt To Slander Murder Victim #BothamJean

Amber Guyger Mugshot

Source: Kaufman County Jail / Kaufman County Jail

Fox News was definitely chomping at the bit to change the narrative of the story involving the shooting death of Black man Botham Jean at the hands of Dallas officer Amber Guyger. After the struggle news network published a smear article mentioning marijuana was found at Jean’s home, Twitter has been slandering Fox News with relentless fury.

For those who missed the story, Guyger entered the home of Jean mistakenly last week and fatally shot him. After posting $300,000 this past Sunday, Guyger is now facing manslaughter charges as the investigation rolls on. Rumors that the two knew each other outside of being neighbors have been shut down, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Fox News saying that Jean wasn’t compliant during the encounter and mentioning the fact he had weed inside HIS apartment.

Twitter is doing an excellent job of showing Fox News just how ham-fisted and racist it is by mentioning the fact without pointing out that Guyger was in the wrong. Check out the reactions below.

Photo: Kaufman County Jail

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