Tracy Morgan is Gifted With Key to Brooklyn

Tracy Morgan has had a tornado couple of years subsequent to being in a close deadly car accident in 2014. He’s worked his way into the spotlight from that point forward, and on Friday, he was been given the chance to praise his accomplishments in a service that saw him getting the keys to Brooklyn. The respect came a day before his 50th birthday celebration.

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams was at the function to express gratitude toward Tracy Morgan for his commitments to the network. “You tell everyone, there are only two types of Americans: Those who live in Brooklyn and those who wish they could,” Adams said. “When you hang out with him, you feel no different than hanging out with someone standing on the corner of Tompkins Avenue holding a Colt 45.”

Morgan was starting to cry as he gave his acknowledgment discourse. “This is for you, this ain’t for me,” he said as he was joined by friends and family. “I’m in service to you…. I don’t even know what to say, man.”

As of late, Morgan sat down to discuss his vocation with IndieWire, where he clarified he wasn’t pressed to revive any of his characters from Saturday Night Live. “You’re waiting for reruns of Martin to come on. I’m 50 years old. What the fuck is wrong with y’all?” Morgan asked. “You’re living in the fuckin’ past. All Saturday Night Live characters stay there. What the fuck are we so intrigued by this spinoff shit for? Remaking everything, microwaving them—that’s why we lose our creativity. We don’t wanna see nothing new.”

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