The Caucasity: Weinstein Gets First Victory Against Accuser


Shock ripped through the entertainment industry, as many have mixed feelings about one of Harvey Weinstein’s counts in his criminal case being dismissed.  A New York judge threw out count 6 (a charge of criminal sexual act in the first degree) today, during the fallen movie execs criminal indictment.

According to CNN, an up and coming actress named Lucia Evans alleged that Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in his Tribeca office in 2004.  Evans went public with these allegations in the New Yorker magazine last year, right at the pop off of the #MeToo movement.

After the judge’s decision was rendered, Evans’ attorney Carrie Goldberg said that the prosecution had “jumped ship.” Without support,  Evans was caught up in political gymnastics between the NYPD and DA’s office and this is presumed to have weakened her case.

Goldberg further stated, “People always ask why don’t sexual assault survivors come forward, this is why. Today is why.” She further added that just because she did not win the first battle, the war is not over.
“Victims are becoming warriors and this is just the beginning,” she added.
Weinstein still maintains his innocence and has pleaded not guilty to six sex crimes (including two counts of rape). Many in the Hip-Hop world are outraged about this and believe that Weinstein will receive special treatment during the trial because he is white and Jewish. This is contrast to how Dr. Bill Cosby has been dragged across the screen day in and day out for by the media supporting his accusers. Rick Ross’ new MMG artist, Rain 910, has his opinions:
“This type of inequitable treatment happens often. Our Black entertainers are jailed and demonized, while our white counterparts are allowed to work and not face incarceration for the same type of charges. This type of injustice is a common theme across the board, whether we are talking about high profile celebrities or the common man from The Bronx or Harlem.”
Rain 910 posted his video and song in support of Cosby recently:

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a dιғғerenт world 🌍 #FreeBill #BillCosby

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With a $10M bond and GPS monitor system on his body, Weinstein still remains a free man ( albeit only having access to New York State and Connecticut). Weinstein is also accused and under investigation in Los Angeles and London for similar sex crimes. Dame Dash warned back in the day, but no one believed him. We will be watching.

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