The Carters Reportedly Want Zero Association with KimYe

Remember when Kanye West tweeted that Throne 2 was coming? Yeah, don’t hold your breath for that to come if it has to include JAY-Z. The Daily Mail reports Hov and Beyoncé have are “severing all ties” that lead to a relationship with Kanye West, in addition to Kim Kardashian.

Jay and Bey’s pullout from any interaction with the West-Kardashian union comes from their support and interaction with President Donald Trump. The mail stated the two believe that Ye’s political views are “bullshit” citing outrage at his latest political statements.

Recently, Kanye West has ruffled a ton of feathers. He placed the MAGA hat back on his head, made a controversial statement about the 13th Amendment, doubled down on his Donald Trump support and will be meeting with the President over lunch.

The Kardashians were on hand at the On The Run II tour when it swept through the West Coast but there were no known reports of any interaction with The Carters.

Don’t look for any reunions between these couples anytime soon.

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