T.I. Gets Assault Charge Dropped, Still On The Hook For Public Drunkenness & Disorderly Conduct

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T.I. just got hit with some good news and bad news regarding his arrest this past May when he tried to enter his gated community. The good news is that prosecutors have dropped the charge of simple assault. The bad news is that they’ve decided to proceed with the public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charge.

According to AJC the Dime Trap artist will have to face the misdemeanor charge he caught when he got into it with a security guard who denied him entry into his own gated community earlier this year.

From AJC:

T.I., whose legal name is Clifford Harris Jr., is accused of the misdemeanor charges in Henry County court. The rapper was arrested May 16 after returning to his gated Eagle’s Landing community without his keys.

He asked the security guard, Euwan James, to let him in, and the guard initially refused. James eventually complied, and T.I went home. He returned to get the name of the guard’s supervisor, and things got heated, according to a Henry County police report.

T.I. is accused of being intoxicated when he confronted James and using “vulgar, profane, loud and unbecoming language.” Three counts of disorderly conduct are related to the rapper’s profane language, asking James to leave his guard shack to confront him and for goading him to a fight, prosecutors charged.

He allegedly told James, “Nobody will get you out of this” and “you have to look me in the eyes as a man,” according to charging documents.

T.I.’s defense attorney, Steve Sadow, takes issue with the third count of disorderly conduct. In a motion to dismiss, he claims T.I.’s words to the guard constitute expressive conduct, not an actual threat of a fight, court records show.

Luckily for Tip the simple assault charge was dropped when it was amended this past October, but unfortunately, the public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charge remains.

A jury trial is set to begin next February 4.

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