Sunken Soldier Kanye West To Meet With Donald Trump, Jared Kushner This Week

Kanye West is securing meetings with important people, and inviting the peakest of slander. Reportedly, Yeezy will be meeting with Donald Trump this week. 

According to the New York Times, Mr. West will meet with both Jared Kushner and Donald Trump this Thursday (Oct. 11). A rep for Yeezy confirmed that the meeting is going down.

Over the weekend, West’s Instagram and Twitter accounts went dark. Was he anticipating the blowback?

There is nothing wrong with meeting with Donald Trump, on your own terms. But even a blind man can see that this is just going to be another photo opportunity for Cheeto.

And as far as his prep for the sit-down, West has shown a rudimentary at best and generally misinformed grasp of politics as seen by his confounding 13th Amendment statement or his Saturday Night Live rant where he claimed taking Black fathers out the home and putting families on welfare was a Democratic plan. Think he knows the biggest recipients of welfare are white families?

So will Yeezy rep righteously for culture while meeting with Trump? Don’t hold your breath.


Photo: WENN

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