Struggle Muffin Orlando Brown Gets Into Hotel Room Beef, Avoids Arrest This Time

Orlando Brown Mugshot

Source: Las Vegas Police Department / Las Vegas Police Department

Orlando Brown has draped himself in the cloak of struggle for years now, and it appears he can’t stop attracting negative energy to save his life. The former Disney actor had cops called on him after he and his manager got into a shouting match over hotel rooms.

TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us police were called Monday night for a disturbance at a San Fernando Valley hotel. We’re told that disturbance turned out to be coming from Orlando and his manager.

Our sources say Orlando was in town this week to do a TV interview in the area, which his manager had set up. We’re told the manager had booked two rooms at the hotel, and specifically requested Orlando’s suite be next door to his in a connecting room. We’ve also been told the manager wanted to keep a close eye on the troubled actor.

Well, Orlando wasn’t into that arrangement. We’re told he insisted he be placed in another room that was not close. Apparently, this triggered an argument which got so crazy people called the cops, who came out to restore the peace. We’re told Orlando eventually calmed down, and police left without incident … meaning OB finally WASN’T arrested. Yay!!!

Just last month, Brown was arrested in Las Vegas for burglary adding to a long tally of recent arrests.

Photo: Las Vegas Police Department

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