Spotify Cuts Out The Middle Man, Will Allow Indie Artists To Upload Their Own Music

Spotify Will Allow Artists To Upload Their Music Directly

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Spotify is making it easier for an independent artist to get their music to massive with it’s newest functionality feature.

Thursday (Sept.20), the streaming giant announced they are now beta-testing a new feature that will allow artists to upload their own music to the service. Traditionally they would have to utilize third-party companies to get their music uploaded on the platform.

Via Spotify:

“You’ll be able to deliver music straight to Spotify and plan for the perfect release day. You’ll see a preview of exactly how things will appear to listeners before you hit submit. And even after your music goes live, you’ll be in full control of your metadata with simple and quick edits.”

“Just like releasing through any other partner, you’ll get paid when fans stream your music on Spotify. Your recording royalties will hit your bank account automatically each month, and you’ll see a clear report of how much your streams are earning right next to the other insights you already get from Spotify for Artists. Uploading is free to all artists, and Spotify doesn’t charge you any fees or commissions no matter how frequently you release music.”

Spotify also noted the new feature has already been used by a handful of independent artists and labels such as NoName, Michael Brun, VIAA and Hot Shade. This is indeed a big deal, cutting out the middle-man may rub third-party companies like Tunecore, Distrokid, Stem the wrong way but this will definitely help put more money in independent musicians pockets.

So now artists literally * Jay-Z’s voice* can put themselves on and don’t need to rely so heavily on co-signs. Does this also mean struggle artist will stop harassing us on the streets and during our daily commutes? We hope so, we really hope so.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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