Smoke Signals: Lana Del Ray Tells Azealia Banks To Pull Up, Twitter Is Here For It

Lana Del Rey versus Azealia Banks

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Lana Del Rey let the world know last night she is not the one. Habitual troll Azealia Banks suggested the singer should apologize to Kanye West and Rey responded to her by telling her to pull up, basically.

The beef we all didn’t know we needed came out of nowhere, and we quickly found out that Lana wants all of the smoke. The feud began a week ago after Lana called out Kanye West for his MAGA ridiculousness. Banks couldn’t resist chiming in and lashed out at the “Young & Beautiful” singer calling Rey’s response to Kanye “vapid attempts to seem politically aware.”

She took it even further in an Instagram story stating: “Now I dare you to challenge me on any of opinions, “witch” …. @lanadelrey. You aren’t built for the battle … I suggest you apologize to Kanye West immediately.” Rey didn’t back down and responded via Tweet, telling the “212” rapper “u know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t.”

From there the beef got messy and weird with the self-proclaimed witches hurling insults at each other back and forth. As you can imagine Twitter was here for all of it and entirely taken aback by Lana’s tweets to Azealia. You can see the hilarious fallout from the beef between Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks below.

Photo: picture alliance / Getty

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