Slick Rick Celebrates 30th Anniversary W/ Never-Before-Heard ’85 Song Release

Slick Rick Montell Jordan

Rap icon Slick Rick is back. The hip-hop veteran is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his game-changing debut album by putting it out again.

This week, Slick Rick went to social media to break the news and reveal the rerelease features a previously unheard song called “Snakes of the World Today.”

“What’s up y’all? This is Slick Rick. This is my new joint, my old joint, from back when we was kids, ‘Snakes of the World Today.’”

According to reports, Rick’s revamped celebration album is remastered.

Slick Rick carved his name into the hip-hop history books with his 1988 classic The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. 30 years later, the Bronx transplant is celebrating the project by re-releasing the newly remastered album featuring some content that’s never been heard before in the deluxe package on his official website. Physical copies of the CD will be shipped Feb. 22, 2019, while vinyl records are slated to go out March 15, 2019. (Billboard)

Earlier this year, Rick talked about how he would have remade his now-iconic solo album.

“I would have put it out in a different order. You know how they say you put your best foot forward and then whatever after that? Like, when we released the album, the first record that was put out was called ‘Teenage Love,’ which SHOULD have been ‘Children’s Story’ or ‘Mona Lisa.’” (Billboard)

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