Sky Clashes With Creepy Baby Daddy, Alex’s Back Out of Wack, The Shop Gets Shot Up & More #BlackInkCrew Moments

Twitter Reacts To Black Ink Being Shot Up In 'Black Ink Crew'

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Black Ink Crew Chicago season is done and now its time to head back to New York where the mess originated from. Black Ink Crew’s new season kicked off last night (March 13), and the show wasted no time getting crazy.

Wasting no time, Ceaser makes things interesting when he announces to the crew including the now married Young Bae’s mother that Sky is now the head of HR for the company. Yeah, you read that correctly, and she is already on the job breaking down a list of new rules for the employees to follow which includes that they should have sex with each other. Ted is already way ahead of the game when it comes to the rule.

Sticking with Sky, her happiness due to landing a new position and the success of her new boutique was quickly subdued when her predator baby daddy decided to pop up with his dusty fit and phone on his hip on her. He is really adamant on seeing his son Des claiming she promised him he would be able to see once he turned 18.  While her co-workers except for Tati just watched, Sky and Red go back and forth in a screaming match which eventually leads to Red leaving the shop after she threatened to have him jumped.

After having a conversation with her friend and Des, Sky decides to meet up Red to give him his son’s contact information. Of course, the sitdown just turned into another shouting match which almost got physical with Sky running down her child’s father and sending him off with a shower of expletives.

Former Black Ink employee Alex is not doing too well after he was jumped by Ted and Ceaser at Bae’s wedding dinner rehearsal. He is unable to work due to suffering a severe back injury that has him in so much pain; it keeps him from doing what he loves to do and even lands him in the hospital.

Alex decided to go back to his old neighborhood to speak to some old friends aka the goons and briefed on them on the situation with his former boss and coworker. Clearly, they didn’t like what they heard from Alex, and then let him know they are ready to get down. We will be talking about this again later.

Fake married couple Ted and Tati are going strong, but it’s clear as day that relationship will face another tough test this season. Ted’s ain’t sh*tness peaks when Tati introduces her new hire, a very curvy Puerto Rican tattoo artist from the Bronx name Krystal who immediately grabs the attention of both Ceaser and professional couch sitter and philanderer. After she went through one of the weirdest job interviews from Sky where her sex life was one of the questions she immediately got to work knocking out a tattoo that impressed her new coworkers. Tati may come to regret bringing in Krystal very soon.

Last but certainly not least, remember when we spoke about Alex talking to the goons aka his boys. Well, it would appear that they got the straps and decided to lick off shots at the shop. While it seems no one was hurt during the alleged drive-by shooting,, the show ended in suspense with the crew frantically worrying about where Ceaser was at during the shooting? Looks like Ceaser vs. Alex and Donna is going to be a showdown of epic proportions.

Of course, viewers had thoughts after watching the season premiere of Black Ink Crew. You can see all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew


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