Shaniqua Tompkins Says Baby Daddy 50 Cent Can’t Stop Her Reality Show [Video]

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson during an appearance on CBS' 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.'

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50 Cent might want to double up on his legal retainer. His first child’s mother is claiming he will not be able to thwart her television aspirations.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Shaniqua Tompkins was pitching a reality show focused on “urban women in business empowering one another.” In an interesting twist she was teaming up Carmen Jones, mother to Nas’ daughter Destiny. Naturally the collaboration smelled like your typical messy reality show about females. Jones was quick to negate the stereotype.

“There will be no wig snatching and wine throwing – we’re trying to put a spin on black excellence showing women in an organic environment that can come together, inspire one another, work on their brands and their businesses, and if there is any tension or disagreements, it’s organic, it’s resolved, and we move on to the next aspect of the program,” Carmen said. “Just basically showing our lives, our children, our family, and again, trying to create a new spin on reality television. Showing black women in a better light.”

As expected 50 Cent was all over the announcement declaring that his ex does not have the legal rights to move forward with her show idea. “look b**** go get a f***ing job, l own your life rights reality Tv is a no go. l don’t know what to tell you, oh go shake your new fake ass over at club Angels 😒” he said via his Instagram.

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Well Tompkins thinks differently and plans to move forward in Hollywood. In a recent interview with TMZ she made it clear the rapper can’t derail her hustle. “He doesn’t have the power he claims he has. I feel what God has for me is going to be. He knows I was the only one that was there from the beginning that can expose who he really is. He’s scared.”

She also denies that he owns her life story rights thus legally preventing her to move forward with the on air project. “He can’t stop anything that I am doing. That’s a lie; that’s a boldface lie” she explained.

This is not the first time, and probably not the last, the former couple have gotten into it. In the past Fif has called out her out for being an opportunist. Since about 2014 the Power actor has been estranged from their son Marquise.

You can view the video in its’ entirety below.


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