Security Struggle: Yasiel Puig’s Home Burglarized 4th Time, Video Of Suspect Released

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Yasiel Puig is in the midst of helping his team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, win the National League Pennant but first, he has other fish to fry. Reports have been coming in that the star outfielder’s home has been burglarized for the fourth time but there is video evidence to go along with the crime.

TMZ Sports reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to Puig’s San Fernando Valley home Tuesday night around 8 PM after one of the Dodger’s assistants got a security alert on his phone, which showed 3 men leaving Puig’s property.

Yasiel has a security camera set up that captures motion, and it automatically sends the video to a cell phone programmed to receive it. When Yasiel’s associate saw the footage, he immediately called police … but the bad guys had already fled.

We’re told the men broke in through the back door … smashing it open. It’s unclear at this point if anything was taken.

Yasiel wasn’t seen celebrating with his team at Dodger Stadium Tuesday night after their walk-off win against the Rockies, but the game went late … and he presumably left when he got called about the break-in.

The outlet adds that Puig’s home was hit twice last year and once more last month, with the residence being an easy target given that the player is always on the road for the MLB’s long season. Other celebrity homes in the Valley have also been hit as seen in this report we shared at the top of the year.

Time to put the goons on payroll and have them pace around the crib on game weeks, Yasiel Puig.

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