Remy Ma Hits ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ With Papoose, Talks Non-Relationship With Nicki Minaj

Last week, Remy Ma and Papoose hit up The Wendy Williams Show to promote their new reality TV special, Meet The Mackies. While there, Remy Ma delved into her non-relationship with Nicki Minaj and according to the rapper, there’s no beef.

When Williams asked Remy Ma whether or not she’d spoken to Cardi B since the rising star’s NYFW beef with Minaj, Remy ma responded “When we usually speak it’s not like a whole gossip thing, or whatever. It’s usually, always words of encouragement: ‘Girl don’t worry about that,’ ‘Girl this’ll blow over,’ ‘or You looked great in Paris,’ or ‘Congratulations on the baby”…things like that. I don’t think neither one of us really dwell on the negative stuff. So much positive things is going on in both of our lives right now, that we have way more positive than negative to talk about.”

“It’s no relationship,” Remy Ma continued when Williams asked her about her own relationship with Minaj. “I don’t harbor any ill feelings or wish bad on anybody—I don’t.”

Besides all the hip-hop beef, Papoose and Remy told their #BlackLove story. They spoke on getting married in prison, renewing their vows, and more. The longtime couple also revealed that “contrary to popular belief”, they don’t talk about rap and music with each other. Watch the clip up top to find out why.

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