Rah Ali Slams Cardi B: ‘I Will Release Receipts and Destroy You’

The beef between media personality Rah Ali and Cardi B has resurfaced.

Two years ago, both Bardi and Rah got into a scuffle at New York Fashion Week. It was portrayed by a number of outlets as Cardi vs Nicki. The deemed fight certainly took over the press for the fashion event. While the Invasion of Privacy rapper left fashion week with a battle knot, in addition to a missing shoe, Rah Ali and Nicki left unscathed.

Now the beef has resurfaced. Yesterday, Rah Ali called out both Cardi B and her friend Star Brim on her It’s On Site Podcast. Although her tone reflected calmness and serenity, her words were the complete opposite.

“I don’t knock nobody’s come up, but don’t try me hoe,” said the Love & Hip-Hop personality. “I got one in the chamber, 14 in the clip. This was a warning shot. I will release receipts and destroy you Cardi, try me. So instead of writing me essays on Instagram, find yourself a pen and paper and write your own raps.”

Rah Ali goes on to attack the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s intelligence, calling her “mentally incapacitated.” While Cardi’s best friend, Star Brim has yet to respond, Rah’s video shows her in several instances where she threatens Rah Ali.

“Even I see Rah Ali to this day, I will smash Rah Ali. I would have spanked Rah.”

Brim is currently anticipating the birth of a newborn. Therefore, it is likely she will give her energy to this matter, although it is unpredictable whether or not this will change. Peep Rah Ali’s full segment below. Fast forward to the 4:23 for Rah’s receipts statement.

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