R. Kelly is Creating Music to Work Through Legal Issues

R. Kelly is free on another bond over $100,000, this time posted by an anonymous source. Over the weekend he was the subject of much conversation, which resulted in a ton of memes and a Saturday Night Live skit. The latest regarding the troubled singer is his return to writing more music in an attempt to resist a mental breakdown.

TMZ reports the legendary hitmaker is using his skills to create new music as a creative outlet from everything that is going on. The music is serving as a mental escape from the legal issues that are following him and resisting a breakdown.

R. Kelly’s release on Saturday came after payment of back child support. He appeared at the court hearing prepared to offer $50-60,000 in payment, however, the court ordered a payment in full, which would total $160,000. Prior to his release over 6 million people watched Kells’ exclusive interview with Gayle King of CBS. The full hour touched on the “lies” he states are being told against him, his personality, financial woes, and the viral moment where he visibly showed his frustration, sadness and more in an alarming moment.

The situation for R. Kelly does not appear to be getting any better and won’t for a while. With a list of charges and accusations constantly building up, the latest bad news comes in the form of a third sex tape on the singer surfacing, along with reports that he gave an STD to a minor in Detroit.

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