R.B.E. Brings Jae Millz Out of Retirement For ‘Lift Your Soul 5’

A.R.P. and Rare Breed Entertainment have put together impressive cards all year. Previously at Lift Your Soul 4, fans finally got to see Murda Mook face off against Aye Verb. One of the most anticipated battles in battle rap history.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say R.B.E. has an affinity for giving fans the battles they have always wanted to see. Aiming to improve with every event, Lift Your Soul 5 already appears better than the previous, at least on paper.

Bringing another Harlem legend out of retirement, Jae Millz will be making his R.B.E. debut against K-Shine. Shine has become a modern era Harlem legend in his own right. With 60 battles to his credit, he aims to focus on developing the full spectrum of his artistry.

Just a few weeks ago he released the visual for “New Crib” featuring Don Q. Still, he can’t ignore what made his name. Unlike most, he has complete over his destiny. This is why he’ll go home with some big bags if he can win against Ave on October 13, and repeat against Millz.

Yet, no one should take Millz lightly. As one of the first battle rappers to start making money off battling, he toured across Harlem collecting cash. Often bumping into Murda Mook. Their battles help lay the foundation for formalized and structured leagues.

Long passed are the DVD days when Millz was posted on Big L’s block wearing shell tops. His legend status is certified. Hands down he was one of the elite spitters of his generation. Even still, he returns as the underdog.

Arsonal doesn’t expect Millz to match up to Shine. Goodz and Vado are already placing bets. Shine is known for his witty punchlines, creative schemes, and hyperaggressive style. Will he earn back to back wins? Can Millz update his flow? Find out November 3 at Lift Your Soul 5.

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