Q Parker of 112, Hosts ‘A Night With My Lady’ Through Legacy Foundation

Q Parker has certainly had his success as an artist with legendary R&B group, 112. Since the group’s disbandment, the Grammy Award winner has utilized his Legacy Foundation for a number of philanthropic efforts. Under the foundation, Parker founded Brothers United. Its mission is to strengthen and empower men, no matter the socioeconomic status. Q encourages ppl to lend their time to volunteer.

“When you see the smiles that are on people’s faces from the level of impact they have, you will not be the same,” said multi-platinum recording crooner

Parker’s wife, Sharlinda, compliments Brothers United with Sisters United. The Parkers use their platforms to help other couples as well. The couple recently hosted their 4th annual “A Night With My Lady” Benefit Soirée at the Audi South Atlanta dealership. Dressed to the nines from head to toe, the night was a celebration of love, life, and companionship with your significant other.

In addition, attendees were in for a treat with Keynote Speakers Warryn and Erica Campbell. The Grammy Award-winning, Mary Mary gospel singer, and her husband delivered a speech about appreciation of the one you love by working together daily.

After the keynote, couples were asked to repeat vows to each other led by the Campbells. The priceless intimate moments you share with your significant other are the ones serve as a catalyst for love.

Love was in the air and Mr. and Mrs. Q Parker set the tone for the night. The deserts caterer must be recognized as well for her delicious cakes and cupcakes as well. Be sure to follow her here. If you’re ever in Atlanta, Sandra Whiting is your go-to for desserts. See the pictures from the event below.

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