PNB Rock and Crew Brawl at the Mall

Words by Dylan Kemp

On Saturday, footage was released of PNB Rock and his crew getting into it at a Neiman Marcus at the King Of Prussia Mall just outside of Philadelphia.

Witnesses say that Rock and his crew pulled up to the store in an Escalade, went inside and attacked three men that seemed to just be shopping. After the brawl, Rock and his crew jumped back in the Escalade and fled the scene.

Based on the video, Rock and his crew were five deep and were wearing the same clothes they had on their Instagram stories. Earlier that same day, the group had spent some time in their old neighborhood. PnB Rock even posted this Instagram picture of himself in the Hillcreek Projects wearing the same clothes as he was in the video of the brawl.


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I’m really a millionaire still in the projects 🏢

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The fight must’ve been quick and must not have caught the attention of any bystanders or security because mall security claims that they were unaware of a fight breaking out and nobody reported it to authorities.

You can check out the whole video of the fight below, per TMZ

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