Photo of Tom Hanks As Mister Rogers Has Twitter In Its Feelings

Tom Hanks sporting Mister Rogers’ iconic red cardigan and skippies in an upcoming movie? Take our money now and give Hanks all the awards. 

Thursday (Sept.27) Sony shared the first photo of Tom Hanks from the upcoming film reportedly titled You Are My Friend due out October 2019 where he will play the beloved children’s television host Fred Rodgers. The film’s director Marielle Heller in speaking with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year states the film “is not a biopic.”

“It’s really not. It’s a movie that’s largely focused on a reporter and (Mr. Rogers’) relationship to his life, and how (the reporter’s) whole world changes when coming in contact with Fred Rogers.”

“(It’s about) one man who’s in a critical point in his life – becoming a new father, having issues with his own father – and meeting Mr. Rogers to write a piece about him, thinking it’s going to be a bit of a puff piece, but it ends up changing his entire life,” 

Just based on the photo alone, cinema Twitter is already onboard with the project, and the reveal of the picture was a much-needed distraction to take our minds off things going on in Washington DC that day.  Hit the gallery below to see Twitter give their thumbs up to Hanks in unison and if you haven’t seen the fantastic documentary about Fred Rodgers Won’t You Be My Neighbor? you most definitely should.

Photo: Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures

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