Pete Davidson To Kanye West: “Being Mentally Ill Is Not An excuse To Be a Jackass”

Adam Driver with musical guest Kayne West hosts the 44th season episode 1 NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'

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Pete Davidson has had enough. The Saturday Night Live comedian read Kanye West the riot act about last week’s off the cuff, ill-informed post-show pro-Trump speech by the rapper. 

In a serious but acerbically comical tone, Ariana Grande’s boyfriend tore Yeezy a new one while on the “Weekend Update” segment of Saturday’s (Oct. 6) episode.

Davidson refuted Yeezy’s claim that he was bullied about wearing the MAGA hat, explained why he shouldn’t wear the hat, detailed why he shouldn’t speak about politics, urged him to actually take his medication and more.

But perhaps the most poignant comment was when Davidson said, “Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass, okay?”

Where is the lie?

Watch the segment below. Hopefully, someone passes the message on to Kanye West since he is now off social media, again.

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