Palabra – “Palm Over Fist” (Album Review)

Coming out of the L.A. underground scene is a formidable new act known as Palabra. Known for his natural charisma and witty banter, the up-and-coming artist is ready to break the glass ceiling lyrically and evolve into well known and well respected MC in today’s Hip-Hop. For recognition, Palabra releases his latest work in the album, creatively-titled, Palm Over Fist.

Palm Over Fist is a 9-track collective that features all new music from the rising star. Palabra released a visual for the album cut, “The Desert”. Other breakout cuts includes “No Turning Back”, “Nothing New”, and “The Silence That Becomes The Prayer”.

Stream the new album, Palm Over Fist by Palabra below.

From a production standpoint, Palm Over Fist is the standard of that infectious underground sound that is appreciated by the masses. Involving steady structure to propel the album’s storytelling like a movie with a build up, climax, and conclusion. Palabra’s production is carefully selected and delivers a mood that will stick with listeners for more than the one-time listen.

Throughout the album, both fans and the MC discover themselves through the introspective lyricism. Clever metaphors, inspiring creativity, and great presence, Palabra dives deep into his passion to thrive. Betting on himself using signature bars and execution, the rising star’s work ethic is undeniable as he usher in a new era of music. While nine-tracks, Palabra evolves throughout the album with tight subliminal and trick shot play-on-words.

Crisp flow, impactful production, and interesting story. Palabra’s new album is seasoned with valuable substances that new and old fans will humbly enjoy. Palm Over Fist is a noteworthy mention in Palabra’s catalog with a vast amount of potential to be the essential key to the artist becoming a breakout sensation. It’s shown that he has versatile abilities and attributes that with a bit more fine tuning can be dynamic for his sound. Palm Over Fist runs into its issues here and there but overall the project is a necessary listen for any underground enthusiast.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyrics

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