Optimus Prime Cameos In Second Trailer To ‘Bumblebee’ [Video]

Bumblebee movie

Source: Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures

Earlier this year Paramount Pictures released their first trailer for their Transformers spinoff film, Bumblebee and after a lukewarm reception they’ve decided to drop a second official trailer which features more action, more John Cena, and more Optimus Prime.

Though this is an official Bumblebee solo adventure, the second trailer offers more details to the story including how the civil war in Cybertron will play a part in the government’s hunt for the beloved Autobot and why he was the first Transformer to find his way to earth. Truth be told this looks like it’s going to be the best Transformers film since Michael Bay’s first installment in the franchise. Heck, even the special effects and coloring on the Transformers armors look better this time around.

Check out the trailer for Bumblebee below and let us know if you’ll be checking for him come Christmas.

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