Omari Hardwick is Set to Launch Hip-Hop Poem Podcast

Power’s own Omari Hardwick is launching a podcast titled, Poetics dedicated to Hip-Hop and spoken word.

Hardwick described the show saying “I’m asking rappers to come in and sit down and recite a poem, lose the machismo. Poetry has a vulnerability that rap and MC’ing doesn’t. You gotta be vulnerable. That kind of takes it to another level and gives [artists] a different look.”

Poetics executive producer and co-creator, Alex Angel, said, “Poetics brings to its audience an experience that calls back to the cinematic vibe. Omari encourages guests to go deep, and we enhance that storytelling with a dope soundscape. It’s not like an interview that you hear on a lot of podcasts.”

This is Omari Hardwick’s first endeavor outside of his five-year role as Ghost on the hit series Power. He is returning for the sixth season slated to premiere this Summer

The first season of guests includes Wyclef Jean, Dave East, Big Daddy Kane, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and more. The podcast is set to debut via the Luminary Network on May 2, 2019.

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