Oh Baby! Kehlani Announces Pregnancy W/ Heartfelt Message & Pics


R&B singer Kehlani has a baby on the way. The crooner has come forward to announce she’s carrying a bun in the oven.

Lani took to her social media pages Friday (October 12) to break the news to fans.

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i’ve always been very open with you all about my personal adventures & accomplishments… this was the HARDEST to hide. if you know me, you know i’ve dreamt about motherhood since i was very young. when asked what my goals are, it’s always the idea of a big healthy happy family & whatever comes along is a plus . i am so honored to be given this gift by spirit, creator, and an amazing partner whom i trust with my body and life. i knew sharing something so personal and precious could bring stress into my world but there isn’t a word anyone would say my way that could take away from this. dearest little girl, i am so proud to be your mommy. i am so proud to have received you. i cannot wait to meet you, i know you will be 50,000 times more special than i can even imagine at this moment. i am happy to document this journey and feel the freedom any pregnant person should. i’m looking forward to sharing my little world with you all… my partnership with my very best friend and lover, our journey of conception, my choice for a natural home birth with my AMAZING midwives at @parteramidwifery and eventually… the little pumpkin! i am now a HOME. 4 months and counting with you, angel of mine. SHE DONT WANNN HIDE NO MO 🌸🦋😍 we’re so ready for you mija!

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Back in June, Lani’s ex-boyfriend Kyrie Irving talked about penning an open apology letter to her.

“It was really just protecting a close friend of mine, understanding where that’s transformed into now. She’s an incredible person and I don’t ever want to see anyone kind of do anything harmful in her way from her and other people coming to her shows – I don’t ever want to see anyone go through that, especially a female. She’s just incredibly special and I want the focus to be on her and that’s it. I think the idea of inclusion shouldn’t necessarily just be an idea, it should be a lifestyle no matter what. Sexuality, gender, race, it should all be equality at the end of the day. It’s part of my responsibility to really be one of those generational leaders t be an advocate for that. I’m for love, peace, and harmony. I really want to see the world be a better place and if I could do anything to change that, then I’m gonna do it. We were together that day [I wrote the open message]. We’re cool. We had to make sure to tell everyone we’re not dating – it’s just an incredible close friend of mine.” (MTV)

Initially, Irving shocked social media by releasing an emotionally-driven note about his former flame.

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@kehlani I'm sorry, i know this is long over due. I have to speak on this simply because I owe it to you and you deserve the world to see you for you and how beautiful you are inside and out, and not for the attachment to an emotional moment in time where we both had to grow up and learn about our hearts and our souls in a world that judges and adds on fictitious pressure, SN: And also add that we are public figures now on this social media monster of a platform. I do not want anymore negative energy towards her in any way. She did not cheat or intentionally hurt me, she actually did something extremely noble & respectful, but the fact that it's still a lingering narrative is really outdated at this point and as I'm hearing about what people are doing to try and intentionally hurt her on my behalf is bullshit. The lack of understanding of what we went through has bred a lot of unwarranted things happening and I want my supporters to really let her be the great soul I know she is whole heartedly. I'm hearing people are showing up to shows and being disruptive while she performs and when it starts affecting real life progress, the shit has to stop. I am responsible as a leader to guide the young males who follow me in a positive way, & this is long overdue. We only try our hardest to be great humans and the fact that I can love her for how beautiful she is a privilege in its own right, I'm grateful. I want to see her and all individuals be who they truthfully are, unapologetically. #WeAreNotDating #Besties #BeenBesties #NeverStoppedNeverWell

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Back in June 2017, Kehlani kicked out a concert heckler for screaming Kyrie’s name during one of her shows.

“Who said that? Turn the lights up. Who said that? Point him out. Turn the lights up. Who said that? Get the f*ck out this concert, b*tch. Get the f*ck out this concert. Security!”

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