Offset Showcases 3-Year-Old Son’s Impressive Rapping Skills

Offset’s adorable son, Kody, takes after his father in more ways than one. In a heartwarming video uploaded to Instagram, the Migos rapper recorded his 3-year-old rapping in the mirror while his neck is on froze.

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I N E E D S O C K S I R E A L L Y N E E D S O C K S 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Kody seems to be rapping gibberish for the most part, but he does it so confidently while making hand motions like trigger fingers and pumping his arms like his father. Apparently, he has been to a couple Migos concerts. He seems prepared to join the family business.

Although most coverage is of his baby, Kulture, with wife, Cardi B, Offset is clearly a loving father to all his children. Back in March, Offset celebrated Kody’s birthday with a huge party. In a video posted by Uncle Murda Beatz, the rap dad grabs a mic and freestyles a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to his boy.

Kody, meanwhile, stands nearly frozen as he watches his father serenade saying, “happy birthday” and “it’s the 3 way.” Offset even raps toward the end, “Too sleepy/He not gonna move.” At the end of the performance Offset drops the mic and opens his arms for Kody to run up to him. Watch that precious moment below.



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