Nicki Minaj’s Upcoming Tour Shows Prepared To Help Avoid “Cardi B” Chants

Nicki Minaj

New York rapper Nicki Minaj shouldn’t have to worry about going on a social media spree defending any more tour cancellations. Venues connected to Onika’s remaining stops have confirmed they’re ready for the star-studded showcases.

According to reports, Nicki fans won’t have to worry about nixed shows or technical problems in the coming days.

We’ve reached out to 4 of her upcoming tour stops and they all confirmed what seems like a “no duh” — but yes, they do indeed have enough electricity to meet her show’s technical requirements. While she eased the disappointment for Slovakian fans by signing autographs from the stage — the French got a little nasty. As we reported, some fans who were already inside the Bordeaux theater when the show was canceled started chanting “Cardi B” — about the lowest blow they could throw at Nicki. (TMZ)

A few days ago, buzz developed about Nicki having to pull the plug on a France venue.

Concert-goers spilled into the arena ready for the big performance but Nicki, 36, was a no-show on-stage despite being seen taking photos with fans at the venue. The arena supported Nicki’s statement that she had hoped to perform the show, stating: ‘Nicki Minaj and Juice Wrld were at the room waiting to be able to give the concert.’ (Metro)

To make matters worse, Nicki fans clapped at the cancellation with chants referencing her rap rival Cardi B.

Fans in France were left disappointed after waiting for hours to see Nicki Minaj, only to be told that Nicki and Juice Wrld would not be performing due to technical difficulties. This is the second time that one of her concerts a part of the “Nicki Wrld Tour” has been canceled for the same reason. Fans immediately took to Twitter to voice their outrage in French and English. Videos have been circulating showing people throwing water bottles on stage and booing, even chanting Cardi B’s name following news of the cancellation. (The Hollywood Unlocked)

Nicki made sure to hit up her social pages to address the cancellations and ultimately blamed the venue.

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