New Music: Jaden Smith – ‘BACK ON MY SH*T’

Jaden Smith not only stars in the indie film Skate Kitchen, he also contributed a song to the soundtrack.

“BACK ON MY SH*T” finds the 20-year-old rapper-actor flexing his rap skills over a chopped-and-screwed trap beat and distorted vocals. It caps off with some Kanye-inspired Auto-Tune.

“The song is completely inspired by the movie Skate Kitchen that just came out,” Jaden told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “It’s about a female crew of skaters in New York City who are trying to find themselves, but they realize that their crew is the only thing that really helps them go through the city and feel like they are a part of something.”

Jaden is now readying his second album ERYS, the follow-up to his 2017 debut SYRE, and has been in the studio with Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, Harry Hudson, Tyler Cole, and his sister Willow.

“I like to do it all. I like to experiment and stuff, but at the end of the day, the people have spoken on what they like from me so I try to come really really hard,” he said. “I’m just tryna lead up until ERYS. You know so that people can kind of start to slowly make that transition with me into the more rap world. ERYS is going to be just extremely hard. Just every song, back to back, high tempo, a lot of bass like just crazy.”

Skate Kitchen, a coming-of-age story about an all-female skateboard crew, is now open in select theaters. Watch the trailer here.

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