Nelly Settles With Woman Accusing Him Of Rape

Nelly’s recent case with a woman named Monique Greene who is accusing him of rape has finally coming to a halt.

Reportedly, Monique claimed that the “Ride With Me” rapper raped her on a tour bus last year.

Greene, who was 21 years old at the time claimed that she initially became acquainted with Nelly after his performance at a club in Seattle.

Reportedly, after Greene and Nelly hung out she was invited on the rapper’s tour bus where she claims to have been assaulted against her will.

Following the assault, she was allegedly thrown off of the tour bus with claims that the rapper threw a hundred-dollar bill at her.

Nelly countersued all claims against him stating that the sex was consensual and she defamed him.

A few days after the incident, it was reported that the woman decided to drop the charges because of trauma and distress that came with the exposure of the case on the internet.

Today, the case has now been closed with both parties mutually reaching a settlement.


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