Naomi Osaka Gets Adorable Response From Celebrity Crush Michael B. Jordan

US Open winner Naomi Osaka hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk all about the controversy that went down during her match against Serena Williams. Being the hilarious talk show host that she is, DeGeneres also got a timid Osaka to open up about her celebrity crush and what she plans to do with the millions of dollars she won.

During the interview, Osaka reluctantly revealed she’s crushing on Michael B. Jordan and blushed when DeGeneres offered to set them up. “Do you want me to text him right now?” Ellen asked as Osaka nervously replied “No” over and over again. Of course, DeGeneres paid her no mind. She sent the Black Panther actor a selfie with Osaka and this happened next:

Watch the full interview up top to find out what Serena Williams whispered in Osaka’s ear as fans boo’ed, and more.

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