MUSIC FRIDAYS — Ghostface Killah And Lazarus Take Mumble Rapper Into The “Decapitation Chamber”

Rap legend Ghostface Killah, who is now the head of directing the upcoming Wu-Tang album, jumps on the video for “Decapitation Chamber” alongside buzzing Detroit rapper Lazarus. It has been years since we have seen Ghostface Killah make such an appearance. The intro to the video shows the rap icon passing the torch to the young emcee by declaring “You got the key now” and expressing the difficulty in the task that lies ahead. The video then takes us into the chamber where the decapitation is about to take place. The decapitation of a mumble rapper seems to be the means by which an aspiring wordsmith such as Lazarus earns his stripes in order to join the elite circle of lyricists. Using that metaphor,

Lazarus showcases his verbal assault after Ghostface drops vintage bars reminiscent of his old days. Lazarus gets on the mic and does not let up for a second. Each and every punchline and metaphor stabs with the sharpness of the blade that he’s holding in the video. The verse hits a climax with the bars “Come to take the throne despite your willingness, with honor, like Killmonger came to Wakanda to take it from T’Challa” in reference to the film “Black Panther.” The chorus has Ghostface and Lazarus proclaiming that no rappers can touch them and that they are ready to eat the eyeballs of any challengers who make their way to the chamber.

The video finishes with a brutal shot of the inevitable decapitation that makes Ghostface Killah a believer in the abilities of the Pakistani emcee. This song and video are a breath of fresh air in today’s Hip Hop scene and a warning to the current generation of rappers who don’t put emphasis on lyrics or message. The song is produced by Rebel of KhanArtists. The video is directed by Michael Su, executively produced by Divine of the Wu-Tang Clan and brought to you by Dream Team Management and Laz Army Records.

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