Murdered Trinidadian Man Named “50 Cent” Scares The Internet

We all know Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a wealthy man of Hip Hop. Grabbing the world’s attention in 2003, he got rich quicker than he expected but he almost died tryin’.

On track’s like “Many Men,” we heard those nine shots ring out. Nine slugs entering his body, one lodged in his cheek. Miraculously, he lived to tell the story. Then he tied his white du-rag, put on his wife beater, followed by his black bulletproof vest, next he iced out a few diamond crosses, plus the flooded G-Unit chain which still spins today. Lastly, a good pair of jeans footed with Reebok G-Unit sneakers.

Witnessing his rise, a whole generation of people grew up with his music. With this in mind, when a Trinidadian news outlet reported “50 Cent” had been shot and killed the Internet went into a frantic state. In addition to the slaying, two men were wounded and are listed in critical condition.

It turns out, the deceased man was known as “50 Cent.” His real name is Randy Woods. 37-year-old Woods was gunned down at about 11:15 AM Thursday morning along Coconut Drive, Morvant.

31-year-old Hassan Mohammed and an identified male remain in critical condition. Although the news outlet made it clear the victim was not Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, concerned fans were compelled to ask if he was alive or dead.

Fif is doing fine, a quick look at his Instagram shows him touring across London. Already he has made stops in Manchester and Dublin. Of course, Fif finds humor in every situation and he addressed the murder report via IG. Thankfully his next show is still on schedule. Rest in peace to the departed and prayers to the other victims.


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