Michelle Obama Wasn’t Impressed With Barack Obama On Their First Encounter

Words by: Symone Daniels

The Obama’s are considered relationship goals for many of us. From the outside looking in, you may think that former President Barack Obama and our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama experienced love at first sight, well we were wrong. In a clip from Michelle Obama’s candid interview with Robin Roberts about her book, Becoming, and she is opening up about the first time she met Barck Obama and how she was not impressed with her husband on their first encounter.

When they first met,  Michelle Obama was Barack’s,  mentor during his first year practicing law at Harvard.  Michelle referred to Barack as “trifling” because he strolled in late for the first meeting. Michelle admitted that she didn’t know what to expect from Barack and she felt like he may have been considered a token black man,  “ I have my suspicions when a bunch of white folks falls out in behind a black man. I sort of think  he can talk straight so they think he is wonderful.” She also says she didn’t know what to expect from a guy named “Barack Obama from Hawaii.” However, when he walked in everything changed. Michelle says that Barack has always had swag and she found him attractive,  “Barack Obama has always walked like Barack Obama. Likes he has got all the time in the world. He has that stride. I was like dude you’re cute.”

Becoming will be available everywhere November 13, 2018. The memoir is described as a deeply personal experience about how the former first lady found her voice, her upbringing, and her time in the White House.

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