Mayo Mania: Lindsay Lohan Got Punched In The Face In Russia, Twitter Has All The Jokes

Lindsay Lohan has to rethink her life decisions. The actress strangely thought she was saving an allegedly migrant family in Russio, and only ended up getting punched in the face—all on Instagram Live. 

Per TMZ:

Lindsay, who was in Moscow, gets out of her car and approaches the family — 2 boys and their parents. She says they’re Syrian refugees who need help.

Then it turns … LiLo accuses them of trafficking their kids, as she speaks in both English and Arabic. At one point she says, “You’re ruining Arabic culture.”

After tailing the family for a bit and trying to take the children, you see the mother snap and attack Lindsay, socking her in the face.


Needless to say, Twitter has questions and jokes. So many jokes. Peep the best of the best in the gallery.


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