Malcolm Kenyatta Becomes Pennsylvania’s First Black Openly Gay State Legislator

Malcolm Kenyatta was among the many LGBTI candidates celebrating success in the US midterm elections yesterday.

Kenyatta, 27, won the 181st District of Pennsylvania in the states house. He is the second openly gay Representative, joining fellow Democrat Brian Sims. Sims has been in office since 2012 and yesterday enjoyed re-election.

Kenyatta, of North Philadelphia, is also the first black, gay man elected to statewide office in Pennsylvania. Following his success, he told News One, ‘As I said to my team and supporters last night, this was a victory for all those who believe we should raise wages, send our kids to fully funded schools, and keep seniors in their homes.

‘I’m grateful to North Philly for this resounding and historic win. I’m ready to get to work.’

He tweeted a photo, saying: ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!’

Before his time in the legislature, Kenyatta served as the campaign manager for city council candidate Sherrie Cohen and served on the board of Equality Pennsylvania.

During his campaign, the community activist faced homophobic attacks when posters were distributed of himself and his ex-husband with the words “NO” across the sign. Kenyatta didn’t let anything stop him from dominating at the polls. Kenyatta not only won his primary but he yesterday cruised to success, taking over 95% of the vote. He polled 20,722 votes, against Republican opponent Milton Street’s 1,014. Kenyatta replaces his older cousin: Democrat W. Curtis Thomas, who held the seat since 1989 but chose to retire.

One thing for sure that we all learned from election day 2018 is people are ready for change and it doesn’t matter about race, sexuality, and ethnicity.

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