Kanye Whisperer?: Chance The Rapper Believes Yeezy “Does A Lot of Stuff For The Attention”

Chance The Rapper Believes Kanye West "Does A Lot of Stuff For The Attention"

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Is there a method to Kanye West’s MAGA madness? According to Chance The Rapper there definitely is a reason why his fellow Chicago brethren is spewing nonsense lately.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Chance spoke about West and his recent behavior. He revealed to Budden and his co-hosts that he believes Kanye is just wearing a MAGA hat and saying ridiculous things for attention and that he thinks about how people will react to him after his actions.

“I think Kanye has said it before, but I think he thinks like for every move, at least for the past few albums, he thinks about himself like 300 years in the future and how people will read things.”

“I think he does a lot of stuff for the attention of the masses,” Chance continued, “to get that stuff documented and made into history. But I think also a lot of times, the attention that he may be seeking is at the immediate detriment of some people that may need that attention more.”

Right? So, in essence, this all pre-calculated and not due to Kanye needing help? Chance’s reply about Kanye was very safe, also keep in mind the two artists are working on collaborative effort titled Good Ass Music that he revealed is nowhere near completion by the way.

Kanye’s trolling of us has stopped since he deleted both his Instagram and Twitter accounts but since Chance seems to be the resident Kanye whisperer maybe he can really help save the rapper from the sunken place. Kanye is still canceled in these parts by the way . Do you agree with Chance’s assessment of Kanye? Or is Kanye just gone? Let us know how you feel.

Photo: Paul Natkin / Getty

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