Kanye West’s Dad Beat Cancer, So They’re Eating Bugs to Celebrate

Kanye West commended his dad beating prostate growth by eating a plate of bugs.

The rapper shared photograph of his dinner to Twitter, saying that the bug filled festival was a piece of them two endeavoring to “conquer fear.”

“My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer,” he wrote. “No more fear.”

News that West’s dad Ray West was determined to have the beginning times of prostate growth wound up known not long ago. It may have been what put the possibility of death at the forefront of Kanye’s thoughts while he was dealing with his last collection Ye. That collection was initially intended to be called “Love Everyone” and highlight a photo of the plastic specialist who performed medical procedure on Kanye’s mom Donda as the cover craftsmanship.

Kanye has been astoundingly occupied via web-based networking media since reporting that he was discharging a collection called “Yandhi.” While that collection neglected to show up on the day that Kanye said it would, he’s kept on posting a blend of scraps from his day by day life and his feelings on a scope of subject. One ongoing post where he called to abrogate the thirteenth Amendment caused an especially solid kickback. On-screen character Chris Evans and Lana Del Rey both set aside opportunity to react to West, criticizing his help of Trump and his comprehension of history.

“I won’t be beat into submission of having lack of information on camera,” he said. “I’m gonna go and build up the information.”

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