Kanye West Rants At Detroit Art School: “Leave Elon Musk The F*ck Alone”

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Kanye West is once more commanding attention by way of using the obvious media influence he wields along with sharing his typically strong opinions. MAGA Hat Ye was in Detroit meeting with several business figures and while at the College for Creative Studies, West hopped on top of a desk then launched into a rant saying people need to “leave Elon Musk the f*ck alone.”

The Drive reports:

It was during his visit to CCS, where FCA Senior Vice President of Design Ralph Gilles graduated from, that the mood to share his deepest feelings suddenly hit him and caused him to hop on a table and scream at approximately 50 students and faculty. Thankfully, one of the students present caught it on video and posted it to Twitter.

“I have to innovate!” said West. “Elon Musk, I don’t give a f*** who is over at his house, leave that man the f*** alone. Leave that man the f*** alone.”

A CCS student told The Drive that the rapper’s plans to visit the school were kept on the down-low, so many pupils weren’t present that day or even aware that he was coming.

While West never explained who exactly was bothering Musk, we can only imagine he’s referring to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), who recently fined Tesla and Musk $20 million each and forced the controversial billionaire to resign his position as Tesla’s chairman.

In other news, West had other reasons to be joyous and connected with his father, posting that Ray West has beat cancer. To celebrate, the pair ate a plate of bugs. If you must see the meal in question, hit the flip.

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