K. Michelle Scares The Dogcrap Out of A Teen For Twerking On Her Porch

K. Michelle clearly is someone’s mama.

Only a Black mama knows how to get that behind in check, when you out in the world acting like you have no home training. Recently, Kimberly Pate dka K. Michelle, posted a video of her snapping on a young whipper snapper who was twerking in front of her door. AND YOU KNOW THAT’S A VIOLATION.

The less-than-60-sec video, shows a young white girl dropping off a package at the singer’s house. Dressed in shorts, she rings the bell but no one answers. The girl looks around and sees the camera on the side of the door. She flashes up a a quirky peace sign and as if that goofy act was not enough, she walks a few steps, rest her hands upon the wall and then commences to twerk her legs (because uhm…).

To her chagrin, K. Michelle had been watching the entire time from her phone in a remote location and blasted the wanna be White Chyna.

The Love and Hip-Hop star snaps, “Get f*ck off my porch! Get your motherf*cking a$$ off my porch, b*tch!” The rest is sheer comedy. The young lady hauls to her caddy and rides off.

We are not the only ones who could not stop laughing. IG comedienne Jayla Milan took it to the next level with her version of the hilariousity.

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SWIPE Did she nail this #kmichelle video?! 😂 @lalamilan

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Do you think that K. Michelle went to far? Or was she absolutely in the right? We sitting back w popcorn to hear your thoughts.

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