Joyner Lucas Readies ‘ADHD’ Album for March

Joyner LucasADHD finally has a release date.

During an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the Massachusetts rapper revealed that his long-awaited album is due sometime in March.

“There was a lot of business stuff happening with me transitioning from getting off the label, becoming independent, stuff like that,” he explained. “ADHD is coming in March, definitely in March. Before March is over, ADHD will be out in its entirety.”

He apologized to his fans for the “inconsistency,” but vowed to make it up to them this year with lots of content. He plans to release two additional full-length projects in March since “about 50 percent” of the music on ADHD is already out.

“What I decided in 2020, I was gonna be one of the most consistent artists,” said Lucas, who won’t be touring this year. “I’m not really a huge fan of going on tour because it takes away from my focus of making music and I’m spending a lot of time away from my son… I decided not to go tour and I decided just to focus on music.”

He has also dropped his new single “Revenge.” “I was in a bad mood when I wrote ‘Revenge,’” he said. “This music stuff to me is always fun. It’s not a job to me, it’s my life.”


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